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November 2017: Month of The Holy Souls
It’s the time of year to remember those gone before us. We are all part of the Communion of Saints and it’s great isn’t it? When we pray, we unite ourselves with all who are closer to God than we are so that, through them, we may reach God and we also unite ourselves to all who may be further away from God than we are so that, through us, they may reach God. The Israelite people were encouraged to keep their experiences of God close to their hearts and to share these treasured memories with their children. These memories would help them not to forget what God was doing for them and what he was asking of them. Remembering our goals and values can be hard to do in this world of ‘busyness’, greed and violence. We pray and remember those who taught us God and all about him, and who helped us develop our faith and all the values we hold dear, and ask God to keep us mindful of them, our ancestors, neighbours and friends and those who gave us example and sheltered us along the way.

We have the feast of all the Saints. Sure aren’t we all born to give God delight but we fall short sometimes. Saints are so artistic as to make it look simple—”How    lucky you are, if you are poor! God will make you rich! How lucky you are. if you are not very important! God will make you great! How lucky you are, if you are keen to do what God wants! God will see that you will get what you want as well!
How lucky you are, if you forgive others! God will forgive you! How lucky you are, if you really want to know God! God will make sure you get to know him real well! How lucky you are, if you help people to be friends!((that’s sharing God’s very nature) God will be friends with you! How lucky you are if people attack you especially when you are trying to do what God wants! God will welcome you with open arms!” Happy are the humble, they receive the whole world as a gift. Happy the poor for nothing stands between them and the Kingdom! Happy those who hear the Word of God and keep it! Happy are those who have not seen and still believe! Happy the single hearted, for they see God! Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew our need for God like that.

"Do This in Memory"
The little ones have begun preparing for First Holy Communion 2018. “Let the little children come to me, of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”  Let us support them by prayers and example. Time will fly.


Please pray for those who have died

Mattie Coffey, Coolagortwee
Rosemarie Croke, Melleray Road
Margaret Tobin (née O Brien), Knocknaskeigh
Mary Heaphy, Araglen
Alice Franklin (née Walsh), Drumroe East
Pat Mc Grath ,Moorehill Tallow
Kathleen Dunne (née Hogan), Abbeyglen
Pat Kenrick, Feddaun, Mt Melleray

May they all rest in peace.

November Feasts

1st NovemberAll Saints. Masses like at weekends. Anyone looking to heaven for quietness think again! Hundreds of saints all shouting praises to God and bowing in adoration of him. Amen, praise and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honour and power and strength to our God forever Amen. Victory to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb! What a noisy place it must be. Won’t the young people love that? Meanwhile we must try live the Beatitudes!
2nd November—All Souls. This is a special day to remember all who have died. Some were still here only a few weeks ago and now they are at the Banquet on the mountain. The mourning veil and shroud will be removed and God will wipe away the tears from every cheek. He will destroy death for ever. May they rest in peace.
3rd St Malachy—brought the Cistercians to Ireland. St Martin de Porres—Dominican very popular in Ireland.
5th 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time.
Truly I have set my soul in silence and peace, like a child on its mother’s breast! Paul looked after his converts in Thessalonika the way God looks after us all—individually. Good advice for us all—the one who would be greatest must be the servant of all others!  (upside down by worldly standards).
6th All the Saints of Ireland. Ciaran, Monachan, Declan, Ita, Gobnait etc...
9th Dedication of Lateran Basilica. Lovely Mass of Dedication of Church today which we will have again for dedication of Ss Peter & Paul on 18th. Lovely readings etc. think of the human body and of the body of Christ which is all of us together.
12th 32nd Sunday
For you my soul is thirsting! Wisdom walks about looking for those who are worthy of her and graciously shows herself to them as they go, in every thought of theirs coming to meet them. Even to think about her is understanding fully grown! So think to put yourselves in her way! We believe in the Resurrection and it will be the same for us. O and keep your lamps burning ‘qu’il nait pas de peine a te trouver!’
14th , 15th and 16th Part of the Novena for the Holy Souls.
15th Remembrance Mass in Cappoquin for all those who died during the year.  A candle will be lit for each one. Candles will be supplied.
19th  33rd Sunday. Last Special day for Road Traffic accident victims.   Blessed  are those who fear the Lord and walk in his ways! The first reading is in praise of the woman! The Day of the Lord is going to come on us like a thief, just like it did for some of those accident victims, stay wide awake and sober! ( I don’t think if has to do with the dedication, it’s just the last Sunday of the year even though it’s so apt).
26th Christ the King of the Universe. He is a Shepherd King.
Surely Goodness and Kindness shall follow me all the days of my life. In the   
 Lord’s own house shall I dwell for ever and ever! Believe it. I hope everyone got a chance to see all the programmes about the stars and galaxies lately and the vastness and wonder of it all. He will look after us himself and gather us from wherever we’re scattered and bring us back. Don’t give up on the featherheads. He has an eye and an ear for them all! Bringing us all to life! Blessings on the coming of the Kingdom! Alleluia! Scary Gospel though, we never know “When did we see you hungry, thirsty, in prison, sick, naked or homeless? If we’re neglecting these it’s him we’re neglecting.

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