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Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us so that we may live the Gospel. Help us not to hide the light of the Gospel under the bushel of our meagre faith. Help us by virtue of the Gospel to be light to the world, so that men and women may see goodness and glorify the Father who is in heaven.
Pope BenedictDec 2006
Easter came and went and left us like it found us—weather-wise. But the Lord is risen even though all the things he died for are still around, but they don’t have power over him or us anymore believe it! He, being eternal, I suppose all this dying and rising ascending and descending of the Holy Spirit are still happening all around us? It’s why we need the Church, his body now. Send prayers up for peace in the world, it would be hard to know where to begin, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Central and West Africa and Gaza to name a few. Must everything be turned into dust in order to renew the face of the earth? We must pray to the Holy Spirit about all that. War is evil because it makes good people want to do the things they hate, like the enemy is doing. Should all that evil be absorbed by turning the other cheek you know like Jesus did on the Cross. Give God a chance to champion the cause of the Just?....Wars are a useless waste of time and manpower so pray for peace.  Christianity is the answer to all our woes. This is the season of Confirmations and First Holy Communions.  We pray for all our young people. Sacraments outward signs of inward grace God’s favour. When I was young the older people would have lists for us of things they wanted prayed for when we became ‘strong and perfect Christians’ and it made us feel grown up. “Holiness  has to do with very ordinary things: truthfulness, courtesy, kindness, gentleness, consideration for others, contentment with one’s lot, honesty and courage in the face of life, reliability and dutifulness.”                                                       
Here is a quote from Bishop Oscar Romero—soon to be beatified                
“If some day they take the radio station away from us, if they close down our newspapers, if they don’t let us speak, if they kill all our priests and the bishop too  and you are left, a people without priests each one of you must be a messenger, a prophet, The Church will always exist as long as there is one baptized person. And that one person who is left in the world is responsible before the world for holding aloft the banner of the Lord’s truth and his divine justice.”



St Joseph the Worker



St Athanasius, Bishop



Ss Philip & James



English Martyrs



Bl Ignatius Rice



6th Sunday of Easter









Mary  Mother of the Church  (new)



St Mark Evangelist



Most Holy Trinity



Visitation of BVM




Please pray for those who have died

Eugene Moroney, Graiguemore
Fr Bonaventure, Mount Melleray
Sr Immaculata Morrissey
Michael Mc Carthy, Dublin & Tintur
Sr Mary Hanley, Cahir
Fr Denis Collins,Mount Melleray
Anne Flynn, Tourin
Sr Caroline Flynn, Texas

May they all rest in peace.

1st May The month begins with St Joseph the worker. He won’t mind taking us on as apprentices.
3rd Ss Philip and James. Apostles. It was Philip who brought Nathaniel to the Lord—who can you bring to him? James  left us two letters full of good advice—true religion in the sight of God is coming to the help of orphans and widows when they need it and keeping oneself uncontaminated by the world!
5th  Bl Ignatius Rice.  First Holy Communion in Modeligo
6th 6th Sunday of Easter. The Apostles are still spreading the Good News. And guess what? God has no favourites Peter tells us, he loves you as much as he loves Pope Francis!. It’s his love for us that makes things possible. He loves us all to bits. He wants us to love one another like he loves us. There’s joy about this..
10th St Cathaldus  Patron of Taranto. He was born in Canty, educated in Lismore. He became bishop of Rahan. He divided it in 12 parishes and worked there until he decided to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We don't know if he ever got there. He got shipwrecked in a storm and landed on the coast of the Adriatic Porto di San Cataldo and settled in Taranto. The city was founded by the Spartans around 700BC. It never stood high according to moral standards. Cathaldus changed all that. There is a Holy Well in Canty and Mass is celebrated on his feast day in the evening. Belongs to Ballinameela Parish Mass time is usually 7.30 pm. ”Tis Cathal’s Day, so let us sing a song of praise and love.  For he will all his clients  bring to share his b liss above. Happy Taranto, thou dost still guard thy Patron’s tomb, where thou’lt witness wonders till time shall cease with Trump if Doom ( office for feast of Cathaldus)
12th First Holy Communion Day. Congratulations boys & girls
13th Ascension Sunday. He  will be back!
15th St Carthage. Patron of this Diocese.
20th Pentecost. Come Holy Spirit , fill the hearts of your faithful and renew the face of the earth..  ‘There is a wind if we can but catch it, which blows all the time to help us on our journey through life to our final destination.
 That wind is the Holy Spirit. But the wind cannot be caught or used unless the sail is hoisted, and the hoisting is our task. We must be on the watch, ready to recognise it and play our part. God does hold us, and will lead us, if we want it: but we must want it’    Cardinal Hume
27th Most Holy Trinity.  This is God’s feast but it’s ours too, we’re  family now by our Baptism, so let’s celebrate!
31st Visitation of the  BVM. I’m sure Elizabeth was delighted at the thought of having some help around. And Mary, if ever she wasn’t convinced by the Angel, Elizabeth knows she is going to be mother of the Lord, and there were no iphones or smart phones, so they are not all that impotent. What did we do before they were invented? They must be the cause of lots of driving accidents.
Don't forget to honour Mary this month. Dress a May Altar and say a Rosary for peace like she asked at Fatima.



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