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Feast of  St James 25th July
Enjoy the holidays. I hope we get plenty of sunshine. I promised ages ago that I would tell you about St James and the Camino. Anyway it is thought that he took the command  to “go and teach” very seriously so he set out for the End of the Earth—Finisterre in the west of Spain—the edge of the known world at that time. He went by the Mediterranean. He would have been good on the sea as fishing was his trade like his father Zebedee. His brother John couldn't go, he had got the care of Mary but he brought a few followers.
He entered Spain by Andalucia and crossed over to the West. The people there were farmers, shepherds, and fishermen and skilled in iron and metalwork and stone music and art. It was part of the Roman Empire—Iberia, land of rivers. The emperor Caesar Augustus named it Zaragoza, he turned it into a military colony. This is where James founded a Christian centre. He couldn't find 12 disciples, but he did manage to find 7. All this was revealed to a Franciscan nun in 17th century—Sr Maria de Jesu of Agreda, Mystic. In a vision she saw James, weary with travel camped with his 7 followers on the banks of the River Ebro. Discouraged by lack of success, he separated from his companions to pray.
He heard the sound of singing, those with him also heard it—’a sound that made them weep for joy’. They saw in the sky a most brilliant light. Angels brought with them a column of marble or jasper and a not very large image made of some other material seated on a throne in the clouds and surrounded by the angelic choir, the Queen of Heaven manifested herself to James. He was shown at the same time the image and the pillar carried by some of the angels. The Queen of Heaven addressed him “My son James, this place, the Most High and omnipotent God of heaven has destined to be consecrated by you upon the earth for the erection of a temple and house of prayer. She went on to promise that the shrine would last until the end of time and would reward the prayers of those who ask sincerely. According to the visionary the Virgin Mary was bi-locating from Jerusalem where she was living at the time. She promised James that all his petitions would be granted. The angels brought the pillar and the image to stand in the shrine and they stayed behind to guard them. So the Apostle James built the first Christian church in the world by the banks of the Ebro.  Did you watch Ronán ar an gCamino?  Many famous people have done the Camino, St Francis of Assisi, Queen Matilda, James Stuart, Edward II and of course St John Paul II in 1982. all the roads go through France.
O and I forgot to tell you about the massive ‘cauldron’ of incense that’s lowered at intervals to perfume the church. James always helped his people against the Moors and protected them. Spain could have had the same fate as Syria and Egypt otherwise. Maybe we should be praying to him for peace in the Middle East.

We also have Thomas, Mary Magdalene, Martha and Ss Joachim and Anne this month. Mary and Martha are on Sundays so they wont be celebrated this year. Joachim and Anne are patrons of Grandparents so we invoke them for the Family celebrations. St Declan who was born in Dromrue has a Feast on 24th. Mass at his Holy Well is on Thursday 26th at noon.

The launch of Mgr Olden’s book was great. We got a brief history of the Faith in the diocese and stories about himself and Cardinal O Fiach visiting places like Ring, Canty, Lismore, Tubrid and Tooraneena. All there, as short as he could make it. The book is beautiful. On the cover is a picture of the pilgrim wandering the rough road like ourselves, hoping to come round right. There are nice photographs inside too. I think it’s priceless. I wonder if he could tell us whose heads are guarding the little graveyard behind the Church? They must be very old they look like they came out of a Norman church. They’re like what you would see holding arches in eleventh and twelfth century churches in France. They came from Carrick or Ballyneale.



13th of the year



St Thomas



First Friday



St Maelruain     Mass in St Declan’s



14th in Ordinary Time



St Benedict Patron of Europe



15th in Ordinary time



Our Lady of Mt Carmel



16th Sunday     S Mary Magdalene



St Declan



St James Apostle



17th Sunday        St Martha




Please pray for those who have died

Mary Gough (née Flynn), Modeligo

John Condon, US

May they all rest in peace.

Don’t forget the World Meeting of Families 22—24 August 2018. The Fun day in Mount Melleray was very successful. Pity we didn’t know about it sooner.

Mass in St Declan’s Cemetery is on Saturday 7th July at 7.30pm. Please tell your neighbours and friends as it is unusually early this year. I hope the weather holds.

Friday 8th is feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Saturday 9th Immaculate Heart of Mary

We are back in Ordinary Time—that is the time that falls outside of Advent and Lent. It’s a time of growth as the green worn by the priest will remind us. Those close to Jesus are trying to figure out who this amazing person is. It dawns on them that this is someone greater than they thought possible. Some are scared and turn away, others are confused. What about us? Will we stay? Or will we hang around the edge and sneak away if the going gets tough? We might think we don't have anything to give. Remember the loaves and fishes? When they were blessed they “went a long way.” In the readings, we have the fall of our first parents, but with the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption. We are still promised  a wonderful redemption and an everlasting home. Jesus tells us how to get there—he makes us his brothers and sisters! Try and please the Lord. He makes things grow, any of us don't know how seeds grow but they do. The importance of having Faith. Use it. Lord help the little we have!
24th Birth of John the Baptist  “Who did you hear proclaiming in the desert, strong and loud, repentance and reform? A royal peer? A charlatan, a fancy quack, a fool? A prophet even? No far greater than this!  For none who serve and none of those who rule has ever had a greater role than this!” 
29th Ss Peter and Paul.    They endear themselves to us. The angel rescued Peter from prison. He was so incomplete, denying Jesus and running away in fear. It was the one thing all the disciples did to a man, ran and left him alone. Then there was Paul—great sinner too. He never met the human Jesus only the glorified one.   Now his life is like a drink offering poured out on the ground—impossible to take it back for himself. Well there’s hope for us all and with Jesus having the heart for us “even we might get to heaven at a half a mile a day”. Slow motion.


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