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Good News!  There are still people in Ireland who are loyal and true!  Well done to all who travelled to see Pope Francis. It was great to see. I thought the way RTE in particular was bringing us news that people wouldn't turn out. But you did in big numbers. How can things that happened 70 years ago be undone? It’s inexcusable. We must all be born again to see the kingdom of God as the hymn says. It will all stay before us until we learn to forgive and move on. We are all only sinners. The Church is like her founder, he didn't do all that well either crucified between two thieves! But he let all our sins wash over him so we could be forgiven, Only someone so innocent and perfect would be the perfect sacrifice and yes, all the things he died for are still with us! So there’s still things for us to do. Mercy is God’s greatest attribute so let us put ourselves in the way for it. Don’t let anyone steal your faith /hope.

A path can be dangerous, cracked.
Ancient and it will still support our journey.

Are we not the same for each other imperfect, no ‘together’?
Yet we can support each other’s journey of life”
Donal Neary SJ. SH Messenger.

School begins. Pope Francis encourages education in three languages, that of the head, the heart and the hands. The language of the head means thinking well and learning concrete things. That of the heart means understanding feelings and sentiments. The language of the hands is making use of the gifts God has given us to create new things. The key, he says, is to use all three together. Do we hope for all this for our children? Catholic education brings these together. Pupils are encouraged to study well, to make friends and treat all with dignity and equality with special care for the disadvantaged. Education is a gift. Parents are the primary educators and we are helped by schools. Isn't it sad to see the little children in the war torn countries not being able to go to school? Besides it is so much easier to learn when young. Pray for peace in the world so that everyone gets a fair chance.

Listening Process. I told you what went on at the meeting just after it happened. Sr. Antoinette Dilworth has sent us a copy of the Feedback from the Listening Process which took place in centres across the Diocese, including Cappoquin. Read it HERE
Anyway it was much the same at all the meetings. Some of us were protesting that we had heard all this before and nothing happened. I suppose it wasn’t really fair, we did have Parish pastoral councils. They could work if we had change every four years because training would have to be ongoing and more people would be in the know. There was a section on proposals, now you guessed it, I didn't propose this—restoration of the 6am Angelus bell ! “Involve the laity” always comes up—that means anyone except me when you ask! And of course young people! But there are some other good proposals too like creating small Christian communities CAFÉ and Alpha, ‘Divine Renovation,’ Prayer Groups, Parish Cells—anything that brings people together, The cup of tea or coffee does wonders for conversation. Of course any of them won’t be much good if people don't attend. Or gather the family around and ask questions. More is learned by asking questions than by having pat answers. Adults learn in a different way from children—not from the speaker at all sometimes but from each other. I haven't heard if or when this might happen.

Back to School. Welcome back to school all our young people, as the little fellow on the ad says you are the future! Think of it, our teachers, nurses, doctors, carers, politicians even priests maybe. Who knows? Be the best you can be. Put away those mobiles and make real friends. Don’t be giving away all your secrets on Facebook. Learn all you can. It’s very important to be able to say what you want in a way that people can understand, whatever language you use.




Please pray for those who have died

Eddie Sheehan, Knockgarron
Jimmy Hickey, Bohadoon
Margaret Cogan (née Mc Carthy), Carrigtwohill  & Modeligo

May they all rest in peace.

2nd September 22nd Sunday. Lord, who shall be admitted to your tent?  The ten commandments in a song! Observe them that you may have life. Submit to the Word which has been planted in you and can save your souls. But you must do it! It’s not what goes into a man that makes him unclean. It’s from the heart that evil intentions emerge and that’s what does the mischief.

8th Birthday of BVM. She is human nature’s only boast!  Conceived without sin. He looked on his servant in her nothingness she said. Her advice to us is “Do whatever he tells you”.

9th 23rd Sunday. It is the Lord who keeps faith forever! He gives us everything. He is just, and will set prisoners free—good news for the addicted.. Look he is coming and he will change everything if we let go and let him! Don't be making distinctions between different classes of people we are all the same to God. Jesus cured the man with the stutter—he does all things well. Do we?

14th Finding of the Holy Cross. This reminds me of last Sunday. All the wicked serpents came out for Pope Francis the weekend. Yet he who is full of compassion forgave their sin and spared them. So often he held back his anger when he might have stirred up his rage!  Jesus! All beings, in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld should bend the knee at his name and every tongue should acclaim him as Lord. Give thanks to God who gave up his only son for us.

15th Our Lady of Sorrows. We needn't expect a bed of roses.

16th 24th Sunday. I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living! The suffering servant has such confidence! I wish that we, his body, had it right now after the weekend and the media. Faith without good works is dead. Who is Jesus for us? Who is he at all? We must take up our cross and follow him.

21st St Matthew. You are called to holiness no matter what it is you do for a living.

23rd 25th Sunday. The Lord upholds my life! The godless test and set traps for those who try to be good. I like James’ letter—the futility of jealousy and ambition  he says if we haven't what we want “it’s because we don't pray for it, if we pray for it and don't get it, it’s because you haven't prayed properly, you have prayed for something to indulge your own desires.”  Nobody believes how Jesus is going to end up crucified, all they can talk about is ‘who’s the greatest.?’ We all have to become like little children. Study them the way they love and trust us.
27th St Vincent de Paul

29th Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

30th 26th Sunday. The law of the Lord is perfect, it revives the soul. It gives wisdom to the simple. It’s 10 commandments, not suggestions! Anyone who is not against us is for us said he! Even the cup of water given for his sake will be rewarded .


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