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It will be mandatory for anybody over sixteen years old who is employed by the Parish or who volunteers to help or work in the parish to have Garda Vetting.

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The Church, family of families, representing God’s love flowing from the cross
The heart of it is the Family. Family members are represented in different ages and roles while walking together in communion and love helping one another. No one is excluded or left behind. Couples elderly, single, widowed, consecrated, clergy, children are all important members of our families and all are invited to participate in  World Meeting of Families 2018.

It’s an international and ecological event.
The map of the world shows that families will come from every place. The world is our common home and we all have a vital role in caring  for it.
The Cross, Symbol of the self sacrificing Love of Jesus. Self sacrificing love is at the heart of every marriage and family life.
The rays represent the grace of the Holy Spirit, flowing from the Cross and uniting our families in love. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus dwells within our families and gives us the strength to take up our crosses and follow him.
The Swirl represents the Holy Trinity. A triple spiral coming together is the triskele of Celtic imagery, mystery of God’s own family, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a perfect communion of love.
No doubt you will soon be able to see the full size poster soon in the Parishes.
Oh and another thing there’s a specially commissioned icon of the Holy Family going to be doing the rounds like the Congress Bell in 2012. At a glance it looks like Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity I don't know enough about that yet. There is a special Hymn . It’s based on the Pope’s exhortation Amoris Laetitia and there will be time to read and study that.. There will be workshops at the event, children and youth workshops and special Masses.

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The Amoris Programme—let’s talk Family! Let’s be Family. (Autumn 2017).
This is a response to Pope Francis’ request. The programme aims to support families on the run up to the World Meeting of Families and to continue that journey in the years ahead.
Who is it for? It’s for you. Everyone is welcome to follow the programme online or at parish and other public events. Let’s talk Family is a 6 part programme based on Pope Francis’ exhortation. It will offer us all and opportunity to think about our vision and hopes for family and marriage and rediscover the gift that family is to the world and how we can support this.

Amoris—Let’s be Family! Is a set of practical engaging activities which draw from and build on the parish based programme and aim to celebrate and support marriage and family life. Some of these can be carried out in our own homes  others can be run by parish groups, or groups of parishes.

Children and Youth. Resources will also be available for primary and secondary school children at specific moments throughout the year including Catholic Schools week.

Amoris online  The entire Amoris programme will be supported by a dynamic website, video, social media and online presence to encourage interaction with national and international audiences: half hour TV programmes, discussions etc
Digital animations
Live events  streamed online and available to audiences throughout the world
Will let you know as soon as I know a bit more.

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