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The "Go, Make Disciples" Pastoral Plan        A message from Bishop Cullinan

Cappoquin Parish
Co. Waterford

Cappoquin Alpha began on Tuesday 8th Oct. What is Alpha? Watch this VIDEO

Everyone has questions.We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view; wherever they are in the world.

Click on the Pic below to open an Alpha video from the course which we will be running this Autumn

Alpha Alpha Video


New Pastoral Plan was launched at Pentecost it is called “Go Make Disciples”. It’s a programme of development and renewal for the Diocese over the next five years. Everything gets done but we don’t seem to be able to ‘make disciples’. There is something everyone can do though, pray for its success. I used to think (about 40 years ago now) that all we had to do was improve our Sunday Masses—make them real celebrations showing faith, hope and love. Pray people into them. It’s getting more and more difficult with the dwindling congregations. There used to be a great atmosphere at crowded Masses, Christmas and Easter and maybe Confirmation and First Holy Communion. That time you could ‘pray people in’ There will be Faith Formation programmes on offer for Adults, parents of children receiving the Sacraments, to refresh memories mainly. You all know a lot more than you think. It’s good to share too, it’s how adults learn. That’s what creates community. It’s in Prayer and in community that we get to know God better. See how he deals with each one and watch how he deals with others—always with love and care. A few years ago ‘Share the Good News’ was launched. I was secretary for the area so I went to the pastoral centre to find out and it was great and people had loads to say—but nothing since. Please don’t let this go the same way. We were told that ‘space and occasions’ would be provided for people to meet and share their faith, still waiting!. One man suggested it’s like the Irish Language, we all know plenty of it but there’s no occasion for us to speak it. Think about that!
 Anyway the launch locally was on Tuesday June 18th Park Hotel. 7.30.  Make no mistake, every one of us can change the world—like if you spread the Good News and help people to be friends etc isn’t that ‘kingdom come’? Another thing you could do is use the Word of God if you have a Bible or take home the Sunday leaflet. The Word has power in itself—didn't he say that it never goes out without doing what it says, accomplishing its purpose! - never returns empty!
Take time to read these two explanations of the Diocesan Pastoral plan, drawn up following the "Listening Process" and fully compatible with the Pope's thinking as expressed in his two documents: Evangelii Gaudium and Laudate Si.

1. A message from Bishop Cullinan

2. The "Go, Make Disciples" Pastoral Plan

What is the NEW ALPHA?

Click the logo below for the Alpha Ireland website
Alpha Alpha Ireland website

Waterford & Lismore Diocese publishes a Monthly Newsletter and this may be viewed on the website HERE.


Please pray for those who have died.

Brigid Power, Graiguemore.

Paddy O Donnell, Derra

May they all rest in peace.

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