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February: Month of the Holy Family

Of course the holiest family of all is God’s own, the Holy Trinity. My late sister in law  and I used to love looking at dolls. My husband used to say he never saw the likes of us two grown women gazing at all the dolls. One of these days one of them will sit up and talk to ye! Well they did many years later. Years ago the ‘missionary’ Megan Mc Kenna was in the Pastoral Centre giving  talks about various things one being “Be the  Word, Be the Bread” A number of her books were on sale there too. Of course I picked up the one with the Russian dolls on the cover—for the rainy day like! I loved it. She used the big doll that encloses all the others as an image of the Holy Trinity. They enclose us all in there and love us to bits. Now the smallest doll on the inside is me, myself. I am enclosed in another—tight fit—that is family and close friends. Then there’s the next one, tight fit again, representing the parish, church school and community to which we belong and it goes on for a few more, our acquaintances and people around us, all tight fits until we reach the big One. We’re all in there with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and they all loving us to bits. There’s so much love and life and they share it all with all of us. I didn’t say heaven! Doesn’t feel like that sometimes. Some are there to make saints of the rest of us. The sacraments are all there to help us. We’re safe. We’re sharing their life, that’s our address now. Wonderful isn't i? Ordinary folks like you and me are builders of eternity and each must build ere time has flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone!  Let’s go for the second option! Hard to talk about mystery! But Jesus did tell us lots about his Father, and we kind of know himself. The Holy Spirit helps us understand and reminds us of all he told us. Just stay close let them work us in!  We will never understand this mystery if we did we’d be Gods!.  Will tell about ‘being the bread’ later.

Of course there’s also the Holy Family of Nazareth. They serve as models for us. They were people like us. Mary was conceived without sin but Joseph was very like us, looking after his wife and child working to keep bread on the table  protecting everyone like any father today. How much did he understand? He did what he was told, in Faith.

Blessing of Candles 2nd (Saturday am)
Blessing of throats at weekend Masses
Anointing & Blessing of Sick at 3pm Sunday 10th



St Brigid   First Friday



Presentation of Our Lord



4th Sunday of Ordinary Time



5th Sunday



Our Lady of Lourdes



Ss Cyril & Methodius & Valentine



6th Sunday



Chair of Peter



St Polycarp



7th in Ordinary Time


Please pray for those who have died

Marty O’Donoghue, Crowhill & England.
Michael Moore, Ballingown
Jim Murray, Cappoquin & Tourin
Gertrude Delva (née O Donnell), Kilahalla
Trish O’Brien (Fives), Drumroe Lwr, Cappoquin.

May they all rest in peace.

February Feasts

1st February St Brigid.
Patron of Ireland. Her mother was a Portuguese  slave and her father was a chieftain. She was known for her generosity and her love of nature. Handed down to us are the St Brigid’s Cross and the Brat Bride. The story of the Brat/cloak is, she wanted to build a convent, but the place she chose as ideal belonged to the king of Leinster. He didn't want to give it so she said she would only take what her cloak would cover. The king agreed. But when she put down her cloak it spread and spread and the land is now the Curragh of Kildare. When St Brendan heard he went to see her and there she was her cloak hanging on just a sunbeam. He tried the same but was only successful on the fourth attempt! Anyway pieces of cloth scarves and belts are put out 31st January for Brigid to bless as she passes along. They all have healing properties—pharmacy of the poor.
That evening in the Cathedral there will be a liturgy of Appreciation for the work of the religious orders in the diocese at 7 pm. There are still 22 of them living and praying among us.

2nd Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.
It’s 40 days since Christmas and Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple to offer him to God. We meet Simeon and Anna. Strange it was only these two old people who recognised them. This day all the candles for church use are blessed. Bring yours along for blessing at the morning Mass.

3rd St Blaise and blessing of throats.
4th Sunday in ordinary time. This is the time between Christmas time and Lent. Jesus is doing what he came to do and the disciples are figuring out who he might be..”My lips will tell of your help! Be a rock where I can take refuge!, a mighty stronghold to save me; for you are my rock, my strong hold. Free me from the hand of the wicked!. Brace yourself for action, stand up and tell them all I command you.. I am with you. Want love above all without it we are nothing and there’s no end to it.
Mass for May’s First Communion Children.

10th 5th Sunday. Your love O lord is eternal! Discard not the work of your hands. Holy, holy holy is the Lord of hosts. His glory fills the whole earth. Paul gives us a brief lesson in what he himself was taught—Christ died for our sins, in accordance with rhe Scriptures, he was buried and rose again on the third day, in accordance with the scriptures, and appeared to the disciples and lastly to Paul himself. Hadn’t Peter great faith to put out to sea on the say so of a Carpenter. Who else would?

11th is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and World Day of the Sick. We will celebrate it this Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in Church. There will be tea in the hall afterwards. Don’t forget to come along to pray with us for the sick and their carers.
14th Ss Cyril & Methodius also St Valentine. Cyril and Methodius are patrons of Europe and Valentine is patron of lovers.

17th 6th Sunday OT. Happy the man who has placed his trust in the Lord. Blessings on him. “Listen and I will tell you who are the Happy People whom god has blessed. Happy are the poor, for nothing stands between them and the Kingdom. Happy are the sorrowful for their souls are made strong through suffering.. Happy are the humble, for they receive the whole world as a gift. Happy are they who long for holiness as a man longs for food, for they shall enjoy God’s plenty. Happy are the merciful for they are mercifully judged. Happy are they who establish peace fo they share God’s very nature. Happy are the single minded, for they see God.” 
Dorothy L Sayers; "The Man Born to be King."

22nd Chair of Peter. Celebrating the teaching authority of Christ in the Church.

24th 7th Sunday. The Lord is compassion and love. He minds David but he minds Saul too. Treat others as you would like them to treat you! Be generous give full measure. Love your enemies and pray for them.

Blessing of Candles 2nd (Saturday am)
Blessing of throats at weekend Masses
Anointing & Blessing of Sick at 3pm Sunday 10th

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