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Cappoquin Civic Link Notes

St. Anne’s Churchyard
The St. Anne’s Church vestry and Cappoquin Heritage Group are delighted to announce that the churchyard in the town centre is now open again for the summer months, and members of the public are very welcome to come in and find a few minutes rest and peace. There may be occasional repair works happening, but basically if the gates are open, the churchyard is open, and there are plenty of shade and seating areas to be found.

Grant for Christmas lights
Just a brief note to say that Civic Link is delighted to have received some funding from Waterford Council already for the 2019 Christmas lights and other community activities. We will give full details in next week’s news.

Poetry Evening and competition
The Heritage Group’s second annual Poetry Ireland day was another great success at Cappoquin Library. Local poets, Alan Murphy and Dave O’Sullivan (Pictured) gave lovely renditions of some of their recent work, to a very appreciative audience. Una McCarthy was mistress of ceremonies on the night, and we would again like to acknowledge the participation of the two poets, and the strong support from our local librarian Sheila Curtin, the Waterford Library Service and Arts Office.
We also ran a schools’ competition for both primary and post-primary students in conjunction with this event, and our own Thomas McCarthy was the judge for this competition. We are still awaiting returned permission slips from some of the winners in order to publish some of the poems in various formats, and hope to be able to do this next week. For the moment, we can announce that the winners, by category, were as follows, with the accompanying judge’s commentary from Thomas McCarthy.



1st.   ‘To Grow Up’    by   Katie Lennox
A lovely poem by Katie who is a born poet with her skill for rhyming and her very deep contemplation upon life. She addresses very important issues of isolation, loneliness and depression in a poem that is full of skill and sensitivity. A real beauty of a poem.

2nd.     ‘Adventure’    by   Helen Devine.
This is a lovely memory-poem by Helen, that reminds us so perfectly of ‘the beauty/ Of this astonishing place’ in West Waterford. Her poem’s fluency and easy rhythms reminds us of the great flowing Blackwater river, a permanent feature of life at Cappoquin.

3rd.      ‘July’  by    Jodeci O’Riordan
This is a beautiful, modernist, free-flowing poem by Jodeci, with its easy grace and quality that brings us back to the fields of Cappoquin, the sunlit fields and the beauty of childhood. Elegant and free-flowing work.
Highly Commended
I must also highly commend Niamh O’Brien’s lovely poem “Pier Pressure.’ It is a wonderful, action-packed, tension-packed poem about courage and water. Really fine work.


5th & 6th Class

1st.     ‘The Future’   by   Lucy Coughlan
A marvellous lyric of the future, full of fantasy and insight. This is beautifully imagined and perfectly skilled work.

2nd.    ‘An Adventure’      by      Kevin Curran
I love the interior rhyme of the second-last stanza --  ‘cruise/amuse him.’ That is very skilled, and typical of this clever poem of fantasy by Kevin.

3rd.    ‘Adventures’     by    Elise O’Connell-Barkley
This is a wonderful, funny and fantastical, poem by Elise, with marvellous rhyming and very clever twists of adventure. Great work altogether.


1st.    ‘The Blossom Tree’     by    Davy Hickey
This is a most unusual poem in terms of structure – a prose-poem with internal rhyme. It is a beautifully controlled series of descriptions, ending with that invitation to the ‘blossom tree,’ which could be the magic tree of poetry.

2nd.   ‘The Goat with the Sore Throat’     by    Annie Uniacke
This is a marvellous, playful poem, full of abrupt and effective rhymes that Annie has used very cleverly to create a bouncing, goat-like, effect. It is terrific work in poetry.

3rd.    ‘Magical Alien’    by   Robyn McLoughlin
I love this poem for its welcoming, chilled attitude to aliens and its perfect alien greetings “Ow!” and “Kabow!” It is a beautifully worked lyric, a poem of a really skilled poet.

COMMENDATION:  I liked the entire group of short-listed poets from 3rd and 4thClass. All were beautiful, distinctive, clever and poetic, in one way or another. So let me mention Caoimhe Coughlan, Dobramila Jo z, Lily Cullinane, Conor Whelan, Siún, Rebecca Sheehy, Mafa Thoezkowska and Jamie Prendergast, because they are all simply wonderful people and wonderful poets.


1st.    ‘Home of Adventure’     by   Leah Geoghegan
This is a simply phenomenal poem, with its consistent aa/bb/cc rhyme scheme and its litany of Lismore and Cappoquin place-names and landmarks. It is wonderful work and Leah is a truly remarkable poetic talent. No hesitation in giving this 1stPrize.

2nd.     ‘The Bus Rocket’     by   Charlotte Garvey
This is a terrific adventure poem, filled with its space fantasy detour by bus-driver Tom who went astray. It is beautifully done, full of adventure, but getting everyone to school just in time.

3rd.     ‘My Adventure’     by   April Curtin
This is another dream journey to Venus and Mars, with an encounter with a space-age Fairy Princess. Beautifully written and equally beautifully illustrated. Good work!


Poetry at Library

Poetry at Library






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