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Christmas lights
A huge attendance turned out for the switch on of the Cappoquin Christmas lights at teh Square on December 8th last. Events got underway with the arrival of Melleray Vintage Club with tractor and trailer and crib. Leading the extravaganza was Michael O'Rourke, lit from head to toe. A sincere thanks to Jimmy Power, Michael and Ned O'Rourke for making hte night so magical for everyone. On the Square we had the wobbly circus and in attendance throughout we had teh 16th Waterford Scout Troop with their leaders, providing a wonderful selection of Christmas carols under musical maestro Cindy O'Shea. On the Square Barrons' were on hand with a selection of beverages, mince pies and other treats.
The Christmas lights were switched on this year by members of the 16th Waterford Scout Troop. A sincere thanks to Vinnie Coffey, our go-to man again this year when it came to putting the lights up and ensuring they were working. Huge thanks also to John McCarthy who supplied the Christmas tree, all 24 feet of it, and to Paddy Hennessy and the local County Council gang for their considerable assistance. We got great practical support from Siobhán Hubbard and Waterford Area Partnership, and a really big 'Thanks' also goes to Anthony Prendergast and family for facilitating the power supply and access for the whole system. Gillian Coffey joined a number of Civic Link members for stewarding on the night and, all in all, it was a lovely community event.

Christmas Ribbons
Many thanks to everyone who has donated towards the Christmas tree remembrance ribbons at the Square. We had a table for them at Kelleher's on 9th December - with many thanks to Kellehers and staff - and the ribbons continue to be available at Mary Murray's shop and in the Credit Union. To date, we have raised just over €500 for local Civic Link efforts, and rest assured that every cent will be used productively. Again, Civic Link sellers got great extra help from others, with a special thanks going to Geraldine and Orla Morrissey for a cold Saturday evening stint in the trenches.
The remembrance tree continues to be a popular idea with Cappoquin people, and we hope the ribbons have helped to bring some comfort to those who have lost loved ones, young and old, especially in recent weeks. Christmas is a wonderful time in general, but can also be a lonely and sad time for those who have suffered bereavement. Let's look out for each other, ok.
Can we also extend best wishes to any local people who are home from afar for Christmas, to local people who are away and won't be home at all this year, and a word of sincere welcome especially to our newly arrived families to whom we say, thanks to Google Translate, marhabaan bikum fi baytikum aljadid.

Fire Service Ladder Climb
Just a reminder that the local fire service ladder climb takes place this Saturday, December 23rd, at St. Anne's Church in Cappoquin. The work done by ouor volunteer fire service members throughout the year deserves the highest of praise and is so often done in challenging and traumatic situations. To think that they are then willing to give of their free time to help raise funds for local charities and community groups is really above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks very much indeed, on behalf of us all. Rarely have so many of us owed so much to so few.

National Poetry Day
The Heritage Group is delighted to announce that a special poetry reading, featuring Thomas McCarthy and Lani O'Hanlon, will be held at Cappoquin library on the evening of Thursday, April 26th next, which is also National Poetry Day. We will have more details in plenty of time, but in the interim a big 'well done' to Anna Moore of Civic Link and the Library service on this exciting collaboration.

A Farewell to Cappoquin's greatest Texan
Word has just come through of the death of the great Tom Overlander of Austin, Texas, following a period of ill health and at the age of 75. It was a great pleasure to make Tom's acquaintance many years ago, and to learn of his connections to Michael Cavanagh of Cappoquin. Indeed, it is no word of a lie to say that Tom was the driving force and main financer behind the erection of the Cavanagh memorial at the Square, and in getting Cavanagh's Life of TF Meagher published. He was also the co-ordinator in chief of the extended Cavanagh clan visit to Cappoquin for the unveiling of the monument and in forming the Michael Cavanagh Society. Tom's research and patience unearthed the manuscripts from which the book 'Michael Cavanagh: His Life and Works' was published nearly a decade ago, with all profits going to Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin. Indeed, Tom and his wife Margaret had a lovely day at the school on the occasion of the presentation of a very useful cheque to the school, the last time he was in Ireland. The Overlanders have been truly great benefactors to Cappoquin, and enjoyed several happy visits here, staying at Richmond House and even having the occasional pint of Smithwicks in local hostelries too. May Tom rest in peace.


Blackwater House





Seeking Help

On a recent visit to Cappoquin to research their Mahoney ancestors were brother & sister Diane & Barry Recame. Barry lives in Ohio while Diane resides in Phoenix Arizona.

Diane & Barry’s mother was Mahoney and her ancestors emigrated from the Cappoquin area circa 1870 and at a meeting over coffee at Barron’s in Cappoquin with locals, Keith Dransfield & John O’Mahony and at a later meeting with Kevin McCarthy several sources of information on the family were discussed and possible leads identified.

Diane asks readers who may have information on Mahoneys or O’Mahonys who lived anywhere in the Cappoquin area to get in touch with Keith ( or John (

Diane & Barry

Picture shows: (Left to Right) Barry, Diane, John in front of Cappoquin Heritage Group’s information board in The Square, Cappoquin



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