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Keeping it Going
As the country has moved into the next phase of the return to normality, once again a hearty ‘well done’ and thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the Covid-19 effort in our locality. Again and again, the efforts of our shop workers, post people, carers, emergency and medical personnel have been outstanding, and the work of the team supplying meals on wheels to a wide range of people around Melleray, Cappoquin and beyond equally deserving of huge praise and thanks from the community.

It is great to see some degree of normality, whatever we may define that as nowadays, returning to the place in recent days. The very best of luck to our re-opening businesses and our returning workers, hurlers, camogie players etc. There is a long enough road ahead yet, and everyone knows we must remain absolutely committed to making sure there is no fall back. Someday, we will all look back on these mad days as just mad days. For now, many thanks for making our little place as safe as it has been and let’s keep it going.


This Week’s Picture
Another photo this week, courtesy of Michael McCarthy’s collection. It is almost certainly a local group but we are struggling to identify the date, location or indeed to be certain about any of the girls in the photo. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be great to hear them.

Unknown Girls




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