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Lehane’s on ‘The Guardian’
It was lovely to see the online edition of the famous English newspaper, The Guardian, recently when it carried a feature on Ireland’s traditional shopfronts. Two local premises were included, Greehy’s of Lismore and Lehane’s Garage of Main Street Cappoquin. The article recalled how the family business had been founded in 1949 and had changed very little since then in its outer appearance.
Lehane’s also has a very interesting connection with our Heritage Group’s latest project, to uncover the history of Cappoquin’s women. For before the garage was established here by Mick Lehane after World War II, the premises was owned by the Smith family, who dealt in ironmongery, fine china and tobacco, among other things. One of the Smiths, Rosemary, went on to become possibly the most famous rally driver in Ireland during the 1960s and 70s, and certainly one of the most famous women in Irish sport too.
One of our photos this week is the shot, taken by ‘The Guardian’, of Lehane’s Garage in Cappoquin. Considering that the family have had cats going back many years, and often seen lazing in the sunshine of the big window, it was wholly appropriate that one of the local felines managed to make an appearance in the lower right of the photo too. Our sincere thanks to Paddy for his assistance with some extra information on the Smiths also.




‘Her Story’ continues
Despite instances of both bereavement and hospitalization affecting a number of Civic Link personnel in recent weeks, the show goes on and we extend our best wishes to everyone having a challenging time at present. Budding young poets in both Cappoquin primary school and in Transition Year at Blackwater Community School are working on their compositions, dedicated to women they admire, for the competition being run in conjunction with the local library. Preparations are also underway for the much-anticipated poetry reading by Thomas McCarthy and Lani O’Hanlon, at Cappoquin Library on Thursday April 26 – National Poetry Day - more details anon.
Of course, we are still working on ‘Cappoquin: Her Story’ and reminding people that anyone with an interesting story to tell, photographs or otherwise should let Heritage Group members know as soon as possible. Our second photo this week features a few famous modern women. With Mary Donnelly, former member of Civic Link, on the left, the scene in Winnie Fennell’s pub shows the famous proprietress behind the counter, in deep conversation with another local legend, Vivianne Uniacke. We think the photographer on this occasion was Philly Lee. No idea what the topic of conversation might have been.








Seeking Help

On a recent visit to Cappoquin to research their Mahoney ancestors were brother & sister Diane & Barry Recame. Barry lives in Ohio while Diane resides in Phoenix Arizona.

Diane & Barry’s mother was Mahoney and her ancestors emigrated from the Cappoquin area circa 1870 and at a meeting over coffee at Barron’s in Cappoquin with locals, Keith Dransfield & John O’Mahony and at a later meeting with Kevin McCarthy several sources of information on the family were discussed and possible leads identified.

Diane asks readers who may have information on Mahoneys or O’Mahonys who lived anywhere in the Cappoquin area to get in touch with Keith ( or John (

Diane & Barry

Picture shows: (Left to Right) Barry, Diane, John in front of Cappoquin Heritage Group’s information board in The Square, Cappoquin



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