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Thanks to Waterford’s hurlers
So we didn’t win that elusive All-Ireland! Nonetheless, the achievements of Waterford’s hurlers this year deserves to be acclaimed from every parish, including our own, as a remarkable and brilliant one. The progress made has been fantastic, and we look forward with anticipation to next year, and a real chance to go one step further. The compacted nature of the inter-county season has added excitement, undoubtedly, to a dark and gloomy year, but it has also contributed to a number of injuries and we wish our local players, and the others who have graced Waterford’s team, the very best in their recoveries. Next year can only be better lads, but thanks for the great recent memories anyway.

Cappoquin Library reopens
A big ‘hooray’ this week as Cappoquin’s branch library has just reopened, following a nine-month covid-19 shutdown. Just as importantly, Sheila Curtin is back behind the counter, with some additional screens as you’d expect. The premises is open for business from Monday to Wednesday this week, and on Tuesday and Wednesday between Christmas and New Year. Thereafter, normal opening days and times will apply.
Naturally, there are excellent hand sanitisation facilities in place, and for the present there can be no internet usage, but the library, entering its 110th year, is certainly open for book borrowing and returns from December 21st. It is hard to contextualise how important a step this is, as the library is so synonymous with upper Main Street, and hopefully booklovers will come in socially distanced numbers to see what’s available for a Christmas and New Year read.

Remembering the Departed
People will fully understand that it is impossible to use these occasional notes for any obituaries or other notices. That said, we must acknowledge that this particular year has seen the loss of many people who have contributed massively to the work of preserving Cappoquin’s heritage. We have lost some who wrote articles, or wrote books with a Cappoquin focus, and others who painted pictures or took photographs that have captured our past just as effectively as any writing can. Even in recent months the deaths of people like Billy Arrigan, Susan Poole, Mercy Sargent, An tAthar Uinseann, John Crowley, Maudie McLaughlin and Shaun Moynihan have deprived us of some great recordists and archivists of our place and of times past. It is impossible to scan the entire year, and sincere apologies in advance for any omissions from this list of contributors to our heritage efforts.


This week, as Tourin GAA club and a host of others mourn the passing of the great Jim Fives, we recall in particular a lovely occasion ten years ago when Jim and Stephen Molumphy launched our ‘Cappoquin and the United Nations’ exhibition in the library. Both had seen UN service and both had captained Waterford hurlers, in fact. On the occasion, Jim regaled the attendance with hilarious and sometimes poignant stories of his experiences in the Congo, of military action but also of local life. There will be many photos of Jim Fives the hurler and so on in many Waterford and Galway papers this week, but our photo is one actually taken by Jim Fives, all of sixty years ago. He suggested we call it ‘The Age of Chivalry is Dead’. It depicts one of Jim’s United Nations colleagues, taking a breather from some digging duties, while two local ladies passed by with tar barrels balanced on their heads. It tells much about Jim Fives’ sense of humour and his zest for life.
May all who have lost loved ones in this dreadful 2020 find peace and consolation in happy memories this Christmas.

Jim Fives' Congo Photo





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