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Cappoquin Civic Link Notes

Local Craft Fair
Cappoquin Heritage Group, as indicated previously, will stage a craft fair for local produce – non-food items only – on November 16 and 17 next. As in previous years, there will be no charge for either displaying or selling goods, and no admission fee for potential customers.  Artists and craftspeople should contact Una McCarthy at 087 7825662 for further details, and we will be in a position to announce the venue shortly too.

Christmas Lights
As anticipated, last week’s Civic Link meeting did indeed discuss the Christmas Lights for 2018. We have received a grant of €500 for this year’s lights from Waterford Council, and will also hope to hold our annual Christmas ribbons sale in due course. We have some finer details to work out in the interim, but the switch on of the lights has been pencilled in, for now, for December 7th next. More details in due course.

Launch of ‘Women at the Cornerstone’
The posters will be going up in the next week or so, but in case anyone is unsure, the launch of ‘Women at the Cornerstone’, the major new publication by Cappoquin Heritage Group, will be held at Cappoquin Community Centre at 8.15 on the evening of Saturday, November 10th next. We have a sub-committee working on the details of the launch and rest assured that a pleasant evening with plenty of refreshments is guaranteed.

This Week’s Photo
From the archives of the late Terry Crotty, this week we publish an old photograph from a local newspaper, of unknown date. It shows the students of Cappoquin Vocational School planting some trees at Salterbridge on Arbor Day. It would be great to get any more information on this picture, as so far it hasn’t been possible to identify any of the people or even the location in Salterbridge where the planting took place – there are lots of trees in the area still, thankfully.
Arbor Day originated in Nebraska, USA, in the 19th century but gradually permeated to European countries in the 20th Century as far as Mr Google can tell us. That accounts for the sign in this photo using the American spelling, as this usually uses a ‘u’ in Arbour when spelled in these parts.


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