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With so many local groups, clubs and businesses under huge strain because of the current Covid-19 crisis, it is very difficult to find words of any comfort to anyone, to be honest. This is a very, very challenging time and our hearts go out to the people who are out of work and feeling both vulnerable and isolated at present. This crisis will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better, but it is important to focus on the fact that it will, eventually, get better.

What is palpably clear to anyone in our area is that the efforts that have been made by so many to serve and help the greater good have been magnificent. People have had to make massive sacrifices, with jobs, businesses, education and sport all on hold. Many local people are in the front-line services, particularly those working in medical centres, care homes, emergency services and hospitals, and our community appreciates their work more than ever before. Our local shops have been fantastic in the efforts they have gone to make sure that services and goods remain available, balanced with the need to ensure that customers and staff are as protected as they possibly can be at this time.

For certain everyone locally should feel very proud of the collective effort right now. People are looking out for each other, helping with shopping, sending work home for children and basically doing what can be done to bring everyone through this crisis. We would be foolish to think that there will be a sudden ‘return’ to normality – it will have to be rebuilt, bit by bit, but it is a huge comfort to see the community spirit that pervades so much of local life, even in these dark days.

The new time comes in next Saturday, and the sun will shine more and more in the days and weeks ahead. This crisis will pass too, just not yet. Let’s look after each other, from an appropriate distance, and let’s take particular care of our older citizens. Many of them have been through even worse times than these; many have lived through years of social deprivation, world war and other catastrophes. The least they deserve now is our support and ongoing care. Again, a huge thanks to everyone in the community for everything you have done to date and will continue to do. That spirit is the kind of thing that makes living here so special for so many of us.


This week’s picture, for no obvious reason, was taken at Glenshelane last Sunday morning.

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