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Seeking Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 2
As we face into another national lockdown, easy said though it is, it is vital that we keep our heads up. The Covid-19 crisis will end, though it won’t be until 2021. Our home place has done remarkably well in avoiding incidences of infection so far, and everyone deserves huge credit for that. Once again, everyone’s thoughts are with the people whose livelihoods are threatened for a second time, and with the more vulnerable members of society. Everybody needs everybody’s help again this time, and even the chance to talk for a few minutes on the phone should not be underestimated.

Civic Link has had to remain dormant as far as meetings and any gatherings are concerned, but we continue to disseminate information on community grants, and to plan for Cappoquin’s Christmas lights, whatever else we may be able to do when that time comes. With the dark evenings now upon us, it is vital for our community to find reasons to be cheerful. Since the last lockdown, the community has managed to get children back to their school and creches, we now have some level of sporting activity and, hopefully, we are better braced for the closedown of so many businesses and services than we were last March.

We also rejoice locally in the success of Jayson Molumby, now the holder of three Ireland soccer caps, in the major refurbishment work being done at the Cappoquin Chickens factory, in the preparatory work being done for pedestrian lights and seating at the Square, and in the news that the Council has begun to move on the issue of traffic calming at the western end of the town.
Most importantly, let’s rejoice in belonging to a community where people help each other without a second thought and we will get through this mess, one more time, together.


This Week’s Photo
This week’s picture comes from the decade after World War II and shows youngsters John and Vincent O’Connor from left in front, with their uncle Norman Walsh (left) and grandfather Aidan Walsh on the right. Aidan Walsh was, of course, the founder of Aidan Walsh and Sons undertaking business, now carried on and expanded by his grandson Aidan with his wife Marie. Thanks to John O’Connor, now just a little older, for this lovely photo.

Walsh & O'Connor





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