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Hall’s Pictorial Weekly
It was wonderful to receive a communication from George McGrath in Dublin, a son of Rody of Mount Rivers, last Tuesday, offering a clip from Hall’s Pictorial Weekly in the 1970s, featuring Cappoquin people, to the Heritage Group. Our webmaster Keith Dransfield was immediately on the ball, and at this stage the clip has received over nine thousand hits on Facebook within the past week. You can also access it via the Heritage Group’s website, or just by googling Hall’s Pictorial Weekly Cappoquin or an equivalent.

More than a few cups of coffee have been consumed at this stage as the work of identifying all the people who are included in the scenes – please have a look and see if you recognise people. Thanks to the efforts of George, Keith, Brendan Kiely and Andy O’Keeffe, we have now published on Facebook what we have identified so far, to help you out. It is quite surreal to see what the place and its people looked like over 40 years ago. Bell bottom trousers were definitely a local fashion trend!

Well done, Tidy Towns
Many congratulations to the local Tidy Towns committee and its many workers whose efforts have succeeded in raising Cappoquin’s score in 2018 to 293 points, our best mark yet in the competition. This is a full six points up on last year’s total, and testament to the great efforts being put in, tackling litter and weeds, enhancing amenities and improving the general streetscape. Your work ethic is an example to us all.

This week’s photo
After those photos of some younger people in the past weeks, this week we have a nice shot of three elder gentlemen who met up at a celebration a few years ago. It comes from the collection of Terry Crotty and has been kindly provided by Terry’s niece, Anna. It shows three great Cappoquin men, all now sadly gone to their reward. What stories of GAA matches, of days fishing or rowing on the river, and of emigration to London these three men must be telling each other up above.
Whether here or away, what a contribution they made to Cappoquin life over the years too, from selling tickets, to coaching crews and badminton teams, or taking many of the photos that depict 20th century life in this place. From left, you can see Billy Kiely, Terry Crotty and Jim Regan. Nothing else need be said – they just don’t make people like these any more.



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