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Following on from our last photo of the river area in the later 19th century, this week’s image comes from roughly the same time, quite possibly taken the same day. Taken from the Inch across from the present day boathouse, it shows the quayside in Cappoquin, but a very different scene from what stands there today. In the foreground, you can see a small moveable crane, used to lift wheels, planks and other cargo onto the boats that docked there. On the left, the walled building is almost certainly the old South of Ireland Wheel and Carriage Company, but I could also have been the Star foundry. It latterly housed Cappoquin Bacon Factory, between 1907 and 1980.
What is completely different in this picture is the row of gleaming white houses in the centre of the photo. None of these stands today, and if one walks around the Twigbog area, it is just possible to make out some of the doorways and other details that remain. Among these houses was the Quayside Hotel, a boarding establishment.
Because of the many tall buildings and alleyways in this area during the 19th century, it housed a legend about a great black dog that guarded Cappoquin from troublesome visitors, who might try to cross the old bridge at the river bend late at night. Most feared of these was a lady of ill repute named ‘Pettycoat Loose’. The town’s guard dog was known as ‘Madra an Droichead’ and was immortalised in the tales of a certain Michael Cavanagh, after whom the Community Centre hall is named today.


The Quayside Hotel

Quayside Hotel





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