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With much regret we have decided to postpone our Youth & Community Awards until after Christmas.

Our committee members have a huge workload on at the moment (all will be revealed at a later date) and feel that in order to do the Awards night proud we would need to give it more time. The proposed timing of the awards will now be in or around the February Mid-term period.We are in receipt of quite a few nominations and rest assured that all these will be kept on file until February.We would like to thank all of you who have nominated people for these awards and for those of you who have been considering individuals for nomination - the opportunity will now arise again in February. We will be forwarding a new batch of forms to the clubs and organisations toward the end of January. To those of you who are not involved in clubs and organisations please do not feel that you are excluded from making a nomination.

Should you feel that there is an individual out there that is committed to the Youth of the community or a member of the Youth who is giving freely of their time to the community - please nominate them. We are trying to promote the positive rather than the negatives in our community but we do require your help. So get those thinking caps on and we will re-visit this issue again in the New Year.



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